Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Star Gazed"

I am pseudo participating in Annex Comics 30 Day Sketch Challenge. Basically, if the prompt inspires me to write something, I'll do so; if it inspires me to draw something, I'll do so...albeit awfully. Anyway, if I like what I wrote I'll post it on here just because it's not really appropriate to post it on the Event Wall, and it gives me a reason to bring the piece to some sort of completion. Though, I believe that "no piece is ever truly finished, only abandoned". So, read if you'd like.

Day 2:

Star Gazed

You have to wonder 
if your distance is sound.
Every time you walk
up that hill.
Eyes marveling,
lying flat,
staring down God.
If he’s game,
If he’s out there.
You have to wonder
if it’s safe to dwell here;
with your mind wrapped up in wonders,
feeling the Earth shrink
beneath you.
You have to wonder
if it’s wise 
to let yourself
feel so insignificant;
with insurmountable, 
unknowable energies
playing games with 
feeble lives. 
What reason is there to rise?
Better to be devoured.
Better to beat them to the punch. 
Better to join them.
You're destined for the stars as it is,
with that mind too expandable 
for the confines of Earth.  

Prompt -"Deep space is my dwelling place, the stars my destination" 

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