Friday, March 25, 2011

Michael Scott Finally Gets Something Right!

Warning: Spoilers!

A little disclaimer-I have been a fan of The Office from day one. I loved the British version and I loved the American version just as much. You really can’t compare the two  for those of you that are constantly trying to. They may both have the same story lines, but each actor made a totally different character than their English counterpart. Both versions are well crafted pieces of television comedy (not to mention American humor and British humor are two totally different animals). 
The Office has had it’s highs and lows over the past 7 seasons, some seasons have seemed uninspired and “phoning it in” while others have been hilarious and well written. I would just like to say that last night’s episode of The Office was one of the most well written pieces of television comedy I’ve seen in awhile. Michael Scott FINALLY getting something right after years of screw up after screw up, the tension leading up to his big moment, just waiting for it to go wrong and the relief and happiness when he succeeds is only matched by the moment when he tells the staff he is moving to Colorado. In that precise moment all of the characters we’ve watched struggle with Michael over the past 7 years realize just how much they truly love him. They managed to accomplish all this real emotion while still maintaing the level of comedy they are known for. 
I mean, it’s “just” comedy, I guess...but this truly was a fantastic piece of television. Thank you writers of The Office for not letting television die in the hands of the laugh track and Charlie Sheen’s tigers blood. The only thing I ask of you, please please please end it after this season. Go out leaving people wanting more, don't beat it to death until no one wants to watch it anymore. I mean, I know you've got Will Ferrell and all but this is Michael Scott's show and after all....isn't it better to burn out than fade away? 

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